This site is a memorial website devoted to honoring the memory of Jocelyn Sandberg.
This site was redesigned for this memorial in May of 2002 by Cris Stoddard (Criz)
in response to the senseless murder of Jocelyn Sandberg.

The JBS Memorial Website will be provided indefinitely at this location.
The site is solely maintained by Criz, however she has had the help and input of countless friends of Jocelyn.
These friends are credited where their material is displayed.
Criz actively solicits contributions to this site from the friends and family of Jocelyn.
No material will be turned down; all material submitted will be used.

Once upon a time, this website was used to provide information for zyrc communications, a brainchild of Criz's.
zyrc communications is a web design and and information systems integration company. Our services include computer systems network design, implementation, and support as well as web and graphics design.

Contact us by email for more information on who we are and what we do. Please also visit criz's resume.

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Cris Stoddard

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