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The following links are MP3 files of Jocelyn obtained from Delaney at KRCC, the radio station in Colorado Springs where Jocelyn worked.

The first two clips were recorded for the station's fundraising drive. The station's fundraising drive this year had just concluded a few days prior to Jocelyn's murder. She had been elated at the success of the drive and her role during the drive.

The third clip is a promotion for the 2001 Pike's Peak Lavender Film Festival. The festival has been held in Colorado Springs every Fall for the past three years. Jocelyn was quite involved in the festival, which meant a lot to her.

Before you listen to the links below, I just want to echo what Delaney warned me about: if you knew Jocelyn at all, these are tough to hear during the middle of your regularly scheduled life. No matter that I was prepared to listen to her again, it brought back all the more how very much she is not walking and talking on this planet.

All the same, I became comforted by hearing her again. Your mileage may vary.

These clips may start streaming depending on your computer's configuration. Rather than provide extensive tech support here, please just send me an email if you have a problem with getting them to play.

  • KRCC Fundraising Promotion Clip 1
  • KRCC Fundraising Promotion Clip 2
  • The 2001 Pike's Peak Lavender Film Festival's Promotion Clip, with Delaney

I recently mixed these clips to create a two CD set of Jocelyn's favorite artists. This was done at the request of Shelley's sister for Shelley's birthday in October. I am more than happy to provide the playlist for this CD set upon request.
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