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I went to visit Jocelyn in Salt Lake City at the beginning of August, 2002.

Her ashes lie under a headstone in the Salt Lake City cemetery at 200 N St., just north of South Temple Drive.

MapQuest shows you where it is and you can get directions there from your point of ingress to SLC. Here are two basic maps to get you started.

map of cemetery - opens in its own window

If you drive to the office, located at 200 N St., they'll give you a map and directions as well. The plot itself is located at West-3-137-2-W and is due north of the office up O Street, a slight right onto Hillside St., and park before 405 North. Cross to the left and you'll see the big Sandberg headstone; she's just beyond it.

On the cemetery map that opens in its own window, the office is at the very lower left hand corner. A dark line is drawn up O Street and I put a dot on the spot where her headstone is. Ignore the bold lines drawn to the mausoleums; the folks at the office couldn't find her in the system and had me going hither and yon - I'm sure she was quite amused by my travels.

I was at first leary of the fact that she was interred at SLC. The cemetery's surrounding neighborhood, however, is totally Jocelyn. Old homes with large porches, large and leafy trees, kids and dogs, located close to downtown where there are shops and coffeehouses and a concert venue... and the view of the Rockies is tremendous.

When we lived in Piedmont, CA., near Oakland, we would walk her roommate's dog, Dakota, up at the local cemetery. I was struck by how similar this one looked to that one in terms of the size, the abundance of trees on the property and the age of the place. It felt familiar and really good.

Of course, I sat there a while and talked to her (at her?) and had a moment of tears in which the impact of her loss hit me full on. The drive away was difficult but I think it was really good to visit this spot.

Here is the flier the family drew up for the service they held.

RIP, babycakes.

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