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When you woke up that day,
Did you know?
While you were brushing your teeth that morning, did you think about what it was gonna be like?
When you ate that day, was it your favorite food, did you savor every bite?

Jocie, did you know I never stopped loving you? Never stopped missing you?

Would you have stepped out of the car that night, if you knew it was your last step?
Would you have ran, if you knew it was your last run?
What were you feeling, what were you thinking when your eyes met his?
What did you feel at the first strike?
Were you scared?
Were you crying?
Did you fight?
Did you scream?
Did you think it was all a bad dream?
When it was all happening so fast and you hit the ground for the last time,
Did you know?

How much you were loved
How you touched so many people's lives
How valuable you were in this world

And when you closed your eyes, took your last breathe,
Did you know, you were never alone?

You were the best,
Enjoy your rest.

Regina Dipadova - 2002

2002 zyrc communications
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