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Jocelyn always said she was her Mother's daughter...
here are the words her Mother, Evalyn,
wrote for Joc when she was born

for this one too our thanks - 12/60 - ems

no less the miracle, this silken head
the curves beneath my chin,

the point above my belt at which
her tiny toes begin,

these plump, round fingers clutching me,
the velvet of her skin;

the surging tide of love with which
i hold her precious weight.

no less the miracle to me --
that she is number eight.

prayer for a new daughter - 12/60 - ems

Dear Lord -- So lately has she left her home above
and heard seraphic hosts their honeyed tones impart
amid the pure outpourings of Thy tender love.

So lately, too, she's nestled safe within me here,
been fed by pulsing warmth of my own hopeful heart...
so newly is she come to this uncertain sphere,

Let this my breast lie warm beside her downy face,
and let my faltering hand learn the caressing art,
and let my voice create for her a heavenly place.

And keep all hate apart; and let her skies be fair;
let air encompass her with love, right from the start,
till she return unspoiled and safe within Thy care.

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