this was something i knew to look for;
we'd actually gotten into an argument way back in the damn day
about why it was so important for her to keep shelley's pictures around.

when we took a photo booth series and she clipped one to shelley's picture,
i remember feeling so jealous, angry, so... immature.

later, after she got together with tina,
i visited her and knew where to look,
and saw that tina's pic had been added to the clip.

later, when i visited her in CO
and she was with reg,
i knew where to look and i found it again.

by then, there was no anger, no jealousy.
maybe a wry smile and a questioning shrug.

then, when she died and i visited, i knew where to look.

i'm sorry,
this couldn't be split up or burned;
we're all still here.

this meant something important to her;

so, it's now here.
still together.
totus tuus

. i scanned these and smiled...
she's so young, she's so happy, she's so...
she's so amazing with the last photo she includes.

Joc, I think I speak for us all when I say:
We love you.
I love you.
We each love you.

clipped together, chronologically, we are.
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