On December 2nd,2002, in Colorado Springs (TBA), a birthday dinner in honor of Jocelyn will be held. Stay tuned for more details, all are welcome to attend.

On November 14th, 2002, in Colorado Springs, an awards ceremony, 10 After 2, was held at the Warehouse. "Jocelyn Sandberg Awards" were given to various members of the community to honor their role in attempting to defeat Amendment 2 back in 1992. ; a complete list of awards given will be posted shortly.

Jocelyn's cat, Rerun, died on or about October 2nd, 2002, under the bushes at the house two doors down from where Joc lived, resting in a peaceful repose.

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This page, a work in progress, is being developed to bring the memory of Jocelyn more fully into focus beyond images and pictures. I know a lot of people have Jocelyn stories and you, visitor, should know that other visitors come here looking for reminders of her as well. Thus, as I receive stories or thoughts of Joc, I'm posting them here. If you have anything to share, please send it on in.

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Some excellent words that Vicky emailed on to Jocelyn's sister, Jill, recently:

"hi jill. cris forwarded me her correspondence with you. i feel i know what you are searching for, as i searched for the same thing...anything anyone could share with me to let me know i was significant in jocelyn's world. let me tell you, jill, she spoke of you all the time. she felt really close to you and miles didn't diminish that at all. i remember the time when joc and i came really close to starting up a franchise of the maui waui drink. she was so proud and impressed with what you had accomplished for yourself, and she really liked the natural product and saw huge potential in following in your footsteps. unfortunately, the job at panera really took alot of energy out of her so the side business never happened. she spoke of sharing her room with you and loving the house you all grew up in...especially the back room the boys had! jocelyn was all heart and her family was so very important to her. she loved growing up mormon and taking part in all of the communion that she did. she talked often of her experiences. like all of you are, jocelyn was a very strong, intelligent, creative, passionate, independent woman, and jocelyn told me it was a wonderful way to grow up, it just didn't work for her as an adult. but she held her memories close to her heart. she held her parents and her all of her siblings and her many nieces and nephews so very close to her heart. she loved receiving the family updates that kept her abreast of their accomplishments. the last couple things i heard about was josho's wedding and tracy's daughter travelling around the world in search of the next n'sync concert. she adored all the young sandbergs.

jocelyn was a beautiful woman inside and out. so generous and loving and gracious. she'd say she was an asshole too, but not really. she just believed strongly in things and wasn't afraid to voice her opinion even if it was different. she did not look outside for acceptance. jocelyn had a very full life, many trials and tribulations that's for sure, but a whole lot of love too in her relationships, and she learned from them all. she was a miminalistic, very simplistic, very natural, very earthy, very balanced and healthy. this is why so many people gravitated to her. she made people feel good even when their lives were all messed up. that's the energy she emitted. most important, she was willing to forgive those who hurt her and she forgave herself for her own mistakes. i mean it, she always held her arms open. only jocelyn could keep the devotion to, and of, all of her ex-girlfriends. she'd say, "what do you expect, i'm a sagitarius!" she was so much more.

the dogs are doing so well. they are happy and playful. august still thinks he's a young man but his back legs collapse on him and keep him from experiencing life the way he'd wish to....running. he's taking rimadyl which is an arthritis medicine and it gives him his legs back. i am spoiling him rotten of course, just as jocelyn wanted to do. he had surgery right after i brought him back home to columbus. he had cancer in his toe and had to have it amputated. he walks just fine without it. his favorite thing to do is to walk down the street and back and receive his dog biscuit in reward. then he'll snap his jaws at me (i call him chompers) to tell me he really, really wants a rawhide to chew on. he's so adorable. having augy is the only thing that makes jocelyn's death real. nothing else does. but when i look at augy, i see jocelyn. they were so very close. bringing the boys home, i felt, was the one thing that i could do for jocelyn that would mean something to her. yet, again, i would say, that if anyone in the family would feel a connection to jocelyn by having her dogs, i would honor that desire and understand it completely. juno is an awesome dog and most lovable and hugable. they are both pure love."

Her Favorites:

"just for the fun of it, i'll share some of jocelyn's favorites with you....

she chewed one kind of gum and always had it readily available...wrigley's extra/dark blue (winterfresh).
she referred to it as 'spicy'.

patcholi oil (worn daily) and oatmeal soap,
which i'd keep her stocked in from our fav little shop called the byzantium.

aveda shampoo and conditioner.

most frequently made meal...stir fry.

favorite drink, like me, gin and tonic, extra lime.

favorite mexican beer...tecate.

favorite japanese beer...sapporo.

favorite CO beer...fat tire.

favorite food...sushi.

favorite movie....wim wender's "wings of desire." (about fallen angels)."

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