the touch of your gentle, sure hand
   upon my belly at night
 as i'm cuddling next to you;
    the solid way you gaze
                             into these eyes
                   as i fall through your dreams
                              and your life.
            simple pleasures of waking
                                   beside the roadside
                                         by your side
          free to roam and return as i choose
                                     as we choose
                                   as we are...
              languid emerald eyes:
                   doors to a sweet woman's heart
          ever your gift's a precious
                                   sight to be, hold
                                  hold onto your visions
                                 hold on -
                      the touch of your gentle, sure hand
             the strength of your hold,
these times the light of your soul
                                        shines ablaze

          the touch of your hand,
                               my sagitarrian fire............

cls - 4/85