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Thanks to Nicki for these images...
she and I took these upon our trip through Columbus, Ohio, in June, 2002.

The last two images were provided by Kto and Vicky.

and special thanks to Vicky for taking the dawgs.


The following was sent from Vicky in Columbus, OH., regarding the passing of Jocelyn's big dawg, August Moon on Weds., January 29th, 2003.

i wanted to update you all on august. he had surgery last month to remove a cyst from his lower eyelid and it was found to be cancerous. we were hoping that this cyst would not grow back but in three weeks time, it reappeared. a second surgery to the eyelid wasn't possible. he was doing fine, no pain, only some debilitation. arthritis in his back legs were remedied by the wonder drug, rimadyl, but this week, tuesday night, august had additionally loss the use of his front legs. at first i thought it was just the floor causing them to spread out, but even outside, standing on firm footing, i could tell that he couldn't get his brain to tell his legs to move. in order to mobilize him, pam had a towel for his front legs and i had a towel for his back legs, and aug was able to do his business. but once inside again, he could no longer move around, except to lay down or sit up. with this latest debilitation, i knew a decision had to be made about his quality of life. it was more than just his mobility though, the cyst on his eyelid was continuing to get bigger, and i could tell some neurological misfiring was going on. for instance, he'd try to shake and his limbs would jerk and i'd give him a milk bone and his jaw would drop it. upon examination, the vet noticed how his eyes were shifting back and forth and explained that aug thinks he's holding his eyes still, a condition telling of a brain tumor. it would make sense, giving his other neurological hints. i took wednesday off to be with aug and to let joc's friends come to visit him. even maxx faulkner visited and gave aug his biggest thrill of the day...his jacket had rabbit blood on it and augy lit up with delight at sniffing it and licking it, the way he'd get excited when he'd put his nose into a hole in the ground. good smells. jamie and ben got to say their goodbyes too. after all the visits, pam and i took him on an adventure in the car, first to mcdonald's to get two cheeseburgers, then to DQ to get a vanilla ice cream cone. then we took him to the vet where he had a steady stream of techs come in to love on him. they all adored augy. we laid him on jocelyn's comforter--his favorite thing to lay on at home--and he was comfortable and restful. he put his head on my arm and i talked to him while he got drowsy, telling him to go to his mom, she was calling for him. i know his spirit flew right off and into jocelyn's embrace. i know she was waiting for him...we all know it's true. they're together now. i wanted you all to know.

jocelyn and augy

august with nicky and criz; click to enlarge juno with criz; click to enlarge

joc with her dawgs, co spgs

jocelyn with juno as a puppy in ohio; photo by vicky m

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