jocelyn's hand The Dedication of
Tree's Bronze Sculpture,
October 12, 2002,
KRCC, Co Spgs., CO.
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the JBS memorial bronze, made by tressa priest (tree) close up of the bronze's inscription mario the krcc station mgr, with tree the bronze artist
tree describing the bronze and the meaning it held for joc. close-up of tree talking to the gathering tree standing on the steps of krcc karen with margot margot and karen
betty lynn, reg, margot, kto, aimee, suzanne, woman - sidewalk listening to the dedication delaney walking toward the dedication the gathering in front of KRCC studios the bronze; margot, denise krcc: the bronze dedication
the bronze; suzanne becker, rowana rowana, aimee, suzanne reading the inscription. january, rowana, sandy, suzanne january talking with tree krcc woman with baby
andi with sandy regina, mario, andi, sandy sandy holding andi in the ivy betty lynn, sandy talking with cigar reg and sandy hugging
kevin speaking about jocelyn kevin touching the bronze - close up the base of the sculpture with a cigar man looking at the sculpture the cherry tree and vicky
delaney and company cherry tree and bronze; man smoking cigar mario with vicky remembering jocelyn mario with tree krcc staff with baby
mario talking to andi and regina mario with a gin and tonic regina sandy passing out cigars krcc dj's, phillip, victoria
cherry tree, bronze, man, sandy cherry tree, bronze, man, sandy, kto sandy with kto regina and andi, phillip and mario
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