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On October 12, 2002, at 1PM, a bronze sculpture made by Tressa Priest, of Colorado Springs, was offically dedicated on the lawn at the KRCC studios on Weber at Cache la Poudre, Co Spgs., along with a cherry tree that had been planted in honor of Jocelyn.

Mario Valdes, the station manager of KRCC, held the dedication, inviting her friends and co-workers and providing gin and tonics for all.

Tressa, known locally as Tree, a close friend of Jocelyn's, had made a plaster mold of a pregnant woman's torso; Jocelyn loved the piece and had it in her home. Joc had asked Tree to make a bronze of the plaster cast for her someday. Following her death, Tree kept that promise to Joc.

The event was like a second memorial service for Joc with Mario and Vicky of KRCC saying a few words, Tree talking about her friendship with Jocelyn and what the sculpture meant to Joc, and friends spontaneously speaking in memory of Joc.

The bronze itself carries an inscription of the Pablo Neruda quote that Jocelyn often used to sign letters, as well as a rendering of the tattoo Joc had on her chest. The bronze and the cherry tree are, to paraphrase Mario, places that we can always come to to remind ourselves of Joc, to honor her memory, to cry, to laugh, to just BE.

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